So How Can You Develop Self-confidence?

When you show a lack of courage, you will begin to damage your self-confidence. Therefore, show courage on the outside — even if you don’t always feel it on the inside. Everyone is afraid sometimes, 
so don’t worry about being perfect. There are never right or wrong answers to complex business decisions. The best that you can do as a leader is to gather all of the information that you can (in a timely manner), do a cost-benefit analysis of potential options, use your best judgment — and then go for it. Moreover:

Find happiness and contentment in your work. Life is short. Research indicates that we are all going to die anyway. Do your best. Follow your heart. When you win, celebrate. When you lose, just start over the next day.

Develop greater self-awareness – By developing self-awareness leaders can understand their strengths and weaknesses in a balanced way. Acknowledging weaknesses or areas of development in a constructive manner helps people to improve them and to see them as challenges rather than obstacles. 

Manage inner dialogue – Often people are overly critical of themselves with the intention of improving and motivating themselves to be better. Unfortunately this sometimes erodes all confidence. It is important that when people experience negative self-talk,  they must take responsibility for the mistake, and turn the situation on its head so it is more positive. They could think for example, “I was careless in this situation and in future I will pay more attention and learn from this”. In essence, people should be kinder to themselves.

Don’t be afraid to fail – Many entrepreneurs have failed during their working lives and gone on to achieve great things. Richard Branson started almost a hundred companies in his career many of which failed, however, people only remember his successful companies.
Fear of failure often stops people from doing things. One way people can tackle this head on is by choosing to do one thing each month that they fear and tackling it, such as making a presentation to a group of people, or attending a networking event alone.

Ask for feedback – Requesting feedback shows a huge amount of courage but it can really help people see their blind spots. When receiving feedback, it’s important to be open and not defensive about it.

Learn to live with failure. Great salespeople are the ones who get rejected the most often. They just ask for the order more than the other salespeople. You are going to make mistakes. You are human. Learn from these mistakes and move on.

After you make the final decision — commit! Don’t continually second-guess yourself. Great leaders communicate with a sense of belief in what they are doing and with positive expectations toward the achievement of their vision.


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