Starting Your First Profitable Business

Starting your own business has become much easier in recent years, with lots of information readily avialable.When you start, pick out just a few key features of your idea and focus on making those amazing. Running a profitable business equires a tough and strong business mindset which all successful entrepreneurs need to develop. 
Change Your Mindset  
To be successful, you have to have courage. Believe in yourself because attitude is everything. When your business vision and the reality in which you live are miles apart, success will also be far for fetch. therefore  have a purpose and a vision.  Accept the challenge, teach yourself a new way to think and send positive thought to your subconscious mind instead of negetivity.  
A good business is one which gives something of great value provide products or services of great value.   You have to start viewing your skills and experiences as money making resources.
You have to stop underestimating your ability to help someone with what you can provide — whether that’s information, a service or a physical product.
When you’re first getting started on your first business, the best way to get started quickly is to understand the different ways you can generate  revenue, and which one will be more profitable for you.

 3 Revenue Generation Model

Provide  A Service — Will you collect sales revenue directly from customers in exchange for the service or product?
Consulting / Brokerage — Will your business act as an intermediary, helping to bring buyers and sellers together and collecting a fee for the service or a commission on the resulting sale?
Provide Information — Will your business be a publisher of content or the creator of an online community that charges for access to the content or community.

All 3 of these can be very lucrative — it just depends on what type of business you’re most comfortable with, and what type of work you want to do.
For a service business, there’s nothing more important to its growth than the quality of people that you bring on board. 


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