Your Writing, Your Brand

If you don’t realize that anything written for and about your business or organization is a reflection of the business, you will after reading Copywriter: Written Communication, The Formula for Writing Copy that Connects, Psychological Triggers, SEO Copywriting That Sells, Writing Good Advertisement.

Published by Litmux Books, the book points out that any and all copy that is produced for your company represents your company, and should impart quality and respectability.

Think of the way you dress for a job interview: You dress to impress and to be more memorable than the other candidates. Your copy should do the same. Your writing, like your business attire, should be clear and concise, and should be written to the audience you are trying to reach. You also are attempting to transform those who are casual customers into lifelong fans.

Copywriter: Written Communication shows the reader how valuable content can become. And although it might seem that meaningful content can be expensive to create, the return on investment can be outstanding.

Copywriter is available as a Ebook.

Review By: John T. Garcia

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