What Is Search Engine Optimization ? (Guide)

Search engine optimization is a process through which the visibility of a website and a webpage in search engine can be improved with natural or unpaid search results. There is much talk in the SEO world about what Google is going to focus on. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team has mentioned and hinted in various forums, Youtube and on his Blog that SEO professionals’.
Part of the Caffeine project, apparently the speed of your website and web pages loading will now play a major factor in the algorithm.
To achieve faster speed your website needs to be hosted on a superfast host and reducing the overall size of your web pages. Obviously this means moving to a better Internet Service Provider and serving faster websites by increasing the download speed.

This will mean less content on a page, utilizing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and images have to load faster. A webpage downloading speed of 3 seconds or less is pretty good, but 1 second or lower might have to be achieved in cases. You can now measure the speed with a program in the Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Google in a way is pushing developers to write and create better websites that load faster and content writers to write quality content instead of quantity content and you, have to be at the same time creative. Copies must be short, sweet and fast loading.


How To Increase Your Organic Search Engine Rankings

Get those reviews: In today’s time, there are so many customers who are leaving online feedback of their experience with your services / product. They may give positive or negative feedback according to their satisfaction they received. If negative feedback is provided then it is very important to resolve it as early as possible in best possible way. 

And if you receive a positive feedback, you must make it visible on your website, which give assurance to the visitors that you deliver a quality product / service.

Video Submissions: Posting some interesting videos to connect to prospective clients can get you good rankings. Normally websites like Youtube that host videos have much more hit ratio compared to regular blog sites. It is not only Youtube that hosts videos but many other sites also have this facility. One more way of getting attention is to update your blog regularly.

Be Precise: It is always advisable to have posts which are very precise and make a clear point. Content is going to play a larger role in rankings. Unique content is going to be more important but only as much as that the content floor is going to rise. It’s going to take more unique content for each link to count. 

For example, in an SEO Moz article, it was mentioned that a brand mention in the New York Times resulted in the search engines crawling and discovering a site. Give your readers a reason to link to your content. The best way to do this is to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the space. 

Many search engines nowadays have taken affirmative steps like downgrading articles which are posted on many links.This implies that if you have put your article on 100 links and this will not help you in getting more hits. Rather you should target to have a meaningful article at few places enhancing chances of being at the top on searches.

Create Sharable Content: You need to make sure that your readers can share your compelling content easily. Include the most popular social media share-buttons on your content: Twitter, Facebook, etc. Not only is this a great way to get some word-of-click marketing, but the search engines are paying more and more attention to social media cues (retweets and Facebook shares).

Contribute To Your Community: Get active online. Blogging, guest blogging, commenting on other people’s blogs, etc. are all great ways to form and strengthen relationships with your business community. These business relationships will naturally lead to high-quality back-links.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to garner good quality back-links, so make sure it’s in your SEO roadmap.

Regional Search Engines: Another important aspect is to have your website on local listings. It has been observed that consumers have an affinity to look at results from their own city. Hence products/services providers who have listed themselves on regional sites normally get very good hit. There are local customers who are ready and willing to purchase goods/services from your business.

These customers are using search engines to find a local business, and if your business listing isn’t showing up in Google maps, you are missing out on many potential sales.

Be Mobile Friendly: Smart phones out-sold computers for the first time; therefore, it is in your company’s best interest to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Depending on your business, you may need to invest in apps, widgets, QR codes, audio and image search, etc., if you want to cash in on rising mobile clicks.


Continue to create compelling content that readers will share and link to, get active in your business community online to get high-quality back-links, and stay aware of the shift in the search engine’s attention toward these emerging channels: social, local, and mobile.

SEO is still very much Google. There’s Bing on the scene but Bing goes after much the same market as Google (the casual Internet user). Since Google and Bing are both targeting the casual Internet user (as they are the ones that click on ads), we can use what that target market wants to determine what direction Google is going in the future.

So, basically, Google doesn’t only find the best content to satisfy the average Internet user, they also need to be above a certain content floor.

Google in a way is pushing developers to write and create better websites that load faster and content writers to write quality content instead of quantity content and you, have to be at the same time creative.


Key Search Engine Optimization Changes To Note 

Link building will continue to be essential as it will always be a way to make sure that a site doesn’t violate the terms of service and that it’s above a certain content floor. More no-follow links are going to be selectively followed if the no-follow tag was not added by the developer of the page. 

So a blog comment might still be no-followed as the owner of that page is the one saying he doesn’t want it to be followed but a twitter page will be followed as it’s not the intent of the page owner for the links to be no-followed.

Optimizing for Bing/Yahoo is an important SEO strategy. Yahoo & Microsoft's Bing joined forces to form a global search alliance that changed SEO factors for businesses around the world. With Yahoo & Bing integrating search results, this search alliance now accounts for 1/3rd of the search volume. Do you rank well in Bing? Do you rank at all? The foundation to any SEO strategy is text (that’s what search engines can understand). 

Having said that, videos, info-graphics, and other rich media should also be a part of your SEO strategy. When you use rich media, be sure to tag it with unique, descriptive text and take advantage of video sitemaps. By applying the techniques search engine optimization results can improve;

Social Networking Power Identification - Social networking helps to build a strong relationship with your clients. To improve your social networking, you should upgrade your facebook and twitter content regularly and it should look professional. Attractive articles, useful links and sufficient information give your site a new charm to attract more and more visitors and to build strong social network too.

Just like Web 2.0 describes the newest generation of Internet technologies, SEO 3.0 describes the latest search engine optimization happenings and technologies. SEO 3.0 is vital in keeping businesses current on SEO techniques that will help them succeed.

SEO 3.0, as conceived by Michael Meyer is about how to benefit from change, rather than suffer from it.

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