Self Starting - Set Your Own Challenging Goals

In order to achieve great success in life, you must set your own challenging goals rather than expecting others to set your goals for you. You must also implement solutions rather than just pointing out problems. If you don’t know something find out and begin when you know enough not when you know it all. Always begin your day with good energy, ideas and motivation.

Keys To Inspire You:

Brain Baffles.. Think of something that completely baffles and bewilders you, something you’ve never completely understood, but that you’ve always wanted to know. Search and research all you can about it. Motivation is what self-starters use to dig deep and keep digging! Find out all you can. It not only great to exercise your mind, but to keep it strong.

Create Continuously. We were born to create.    Take the time today to steer your skills into your creative mood.

Cultivate Curiosity.  Be insatiably curious about absolutely everything. Always and Wonder Why! Curiosity is the door. Motivation is the key! Be ever Hungry for answers! Ask questions that maintain your sense of wonder.

Extra Effort. Half-hearted anything never wins the day. Be completely committed. Take the time necessary to accomplish.  Invest extra time in yourself; improvements, projects and service above self. The extra effort you contribute will contribute to your success; success that is fueled by your motivation.

Face Fears.  When you do this, the mountain you’re dreading turns into a molehill. Let your faith be the motivation that helps you conquer challenges. To quote Napoleon Hill,  “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Believe in the beauty of your being.  Feed your faith, starve your worries so that when life storms you are anchored in peace with life’s storms assail you.

Nix Negativity. Never allow negativity to adversely effect you. Turn the tables by giving negativity a crushing blow. Annihilate apathy, crush complacency, paralyze procrastination! Allowing any form of negativity into your life is akin to putting sugar in your gas tank. It may look sweet on the surface, but you won’t run right and you’ll conk out before you get to your destination.

Regular reading. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever with digital downloads and devices to take your reading with you. If you’re a passenger, use the time to read because being better informed inspires new ideas, new ways to solve problems and find new opportunities.

Schedule Success. Schedule your tasks. Use your time wisely to accomplish what is on your timetable without putting off until tomorrow. Devote a set amount of time to each task or project. Cut out as many distractions as possible. As Benjamin Franklin said,“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Long-range planning is accomplished by setting a schedule and sticking to it.

Time Travel. Imagine that you have taken a trip in a time machine. You’re ten years down the road and you meet with yourself. One burning question is all you have on your mind and want to know of yourself: Is what you are doing making a difference?

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